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so you can break through the loneliness of military life.

military spouses
Hey Lady!

Welcome to Health on the Homefront. I’m Pam and I help Military Spouses like you feel personally fulfilled so you can truly, deeply enjoy your day to day life as a mom and wife on the Homefront. 

I know you're proud to serve your country, your spouse and your children, and you’re ready to feel really great while living this wonderful, yet challenging, lifestyle.

You knew this life wouldn’t be easy…  but you’ve sacrificed A LOT and it’s taking a toll. 
  • You’re taking care of the kids and everything at home all by yourself while your husband works long hours or is out of the country which leaves you stressed out and overwhelmed
  • You’ve moved and started over more times than you can count and you’re exhausted
  • You’re getting through your days in survival mode and breathe a sigh of relief in the evening when the kiddos fall asleep and you can relax with your favorite show, but the truth is you’re incredibly lonely
military spouses

Wanting more for yourself seems impossible and you feel guilty even admitting that you aren’t completely fulfilled by your current lifestyle.

military spouses
You Are Not Alone!

So many Military Spouses out there feel exactly like you. I certainly did! 

…Until I started prioritizing my health and started by own business that allowed me to work from home (wherever home might be today) and connect with a community of amazing women.

Taking care of myself and having my own passion project has allowed me to be happier at home, which makes the whole family more happy! And, the craziest part is, I have the time and energy to do it all.

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