Delicious, Easy, Healthy Pancakes

Delicious, Easy, Healthy Pancakes

What is your go-to breakfast for yourself?  How about for your kiddos?  Right now my youngest boy is obsessed with pancakes.  I am always looking for ways to take a traditional recipe and then elevate it by bumping up the nutrition, flavor, and texture.

Lately, my entire family has been loving Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Pancake Mix.  Everyone enjoys the flavor. I love the flexibility since one of my kiddos loves waffles and not pancakes.  With this mix we make a batch of batter and use it for both pancakes and waffles.

All you Pinterest lovers out there might be asking, “Why not make pancake mix from scratch?”

Great question! I actually have made my mix from scratch in the past. Honestly, though, this is one area that I’m happy to take the help of purchasing a high-quality mix.

Let’s be real. I have 3 boys to feed, clothe, and hustle out the door. Not to mention my ravenous military husband who returns from his morning workout and consumes pancakes, eggs, and anything else within reach!

I’m not only here to help make your life easier and healthier, I live this life, too! Now that we have that elephant out of the room, let’s move on to the next.

How to make healthy pancakes

Did you do a double take when you saw the words “Pancake & Healthy” together in the title? Let’s talk about that for a minute. If you have labeled food as “bad” and then you eat it (which, let’s be honest, you will at some point) you have shamed yourself.

That is how guilt happens. When the mind makes the shift to negative thoughts, it can have a downward spiral effect on your emotions.

This then spills over to your eating, and it becomes a vicious cycle.

Take the guilt out of eating. Have your pancakes. Have them easy. Have them delicious. But have them ELEVATED.

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How do you elevate pancakes?

If you have fresh berries, bananas, or stone fruits (peaches, plums or nectarines), toss a handful into your prepared mix. Or use frozen fruit, making sure to thaw them first.  Do not, I repeat do not discard the beautiful vitamin-packed juices that come out while defrosting them. (Purple pancakes = fun!)

I also keep a variety of raw nuts on hand. By the way, here’s a quick hack for you! I store these in my freezer, this way I don’t take the chance of the natural oils in my expensive raw nuts turning rancid!

Now, grab those nuts and chop a palmful up.  Normally, I have toasted a sheet pan of sunflower and pumpkin on hand to toss into salads or chia pudding.  I also love tossing hemp seeds into everything.  Did you know that 3 tablespoons of raw hemp seeds have 10g of protein?!  Even better, that protein contains all essential amino acids, making it a complete protein.

Adding fruits, nuts and/or seeds will not only add some amazing flavor, but it also gives your pancakes staying power.  Meaning you won’t be hungry in an hour.

You are no longer eating ordinary pancakes. Now, you are eating a meal filled with essential amino acids, vitamins, and omega 3s.  These healthy pancakes will help you feel incredible.

Don’t forget when you top your pancakes to use real maple syrup.  How can you check? Flip that bottle around and read the ingredients. This is what it should look like.

The only ingredient? Real Maple Syrup. Go check the list on the back of what you might have in your pantry. If this is your first time thinking about it, you might be shocked that the only “syrup” your “maple” syrup contains is actually of that infamous corn variety.

The flavor of the real thing can’t be beaten. Watch out though, the consistency will be thinner than the stuff that wants to be maple syrup.  So be careful when you go to pour it!

Here is a quick video detailing my current favorite healthy pancakes:

I hope you enjoy!

Now that I know you are a pancake lover, would you like another recipe?  Snag a copy of my Sweet Potato Pancakes recipe.  Fill in your info and instantly download your copy.

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