Starting a Biz on Base – Home Based Business Ideas For Military Spouses

Starting a Biz on Base – Home Based Business Ideas For Military Spouses

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Ever thought of starting your own business? 

Honestly, I hadn’t ever considered starting my own home based business as a military spouse, that is until I found my family stationed overseas in South Korea. Which turned out to be the hardest PCS I have gone through AND the most rewarding.

You see, anytime you push yourself outside of your normal routines and your creature comforts, that’s when personal development happens. The good stuff. The positive shifts in your life that will have a huge impact.

That’s not to say it’ll be easy. Or that there won’t be days when you’re hiding behind closed doors letting the tears flow. Several weeks into our relocation to South Korea for the Army my kids asked me why I was crying all the time. That is when I knew things needed to change. They needed to see a better version of myself and I needed to feel it.


Let’s face it…being a military spouse, raising kiddos, moving every handful of years leaves your resume looking less than desirable to employers. God I hate writing my resume. Always have.

Ever feel like you have so much to offer but that doesn’t ever seem to translate to paper. How do you represent and package up everything you’ve persevered through? The constant juggling of schedules and activities. You’re the primo lifestyle manager for your family. The CEO of organization of time, appointments, making it happen, planning all birthday parties and execution of them. 

Seriously, you are the shit. But how do you wrap that up into a beautiful resume representing your badassery?

You know you aren’t going to get paid what you deserve and then you have to shimmy shake around the questions of length of time here and how dedicated will you be. How will you manage when your spouse is always leaving for some kind of training or deployment. It’s really not fun.

It’s possible you do what I did and just completely steer clear of searching for a job because it’s more draining than it’s worth. Putting yourself on paper makes your self esteem plummet and leaves you exhausted. Well we certainly can’t have you exhausted any more than you already are. You have got a household to run, because, you know…your the CEO of it!


I did it and I know you can too! 

I found myself in South Korea. Unable to communicate with the local community, unable to drive (you have to get a local license and wait for your car to arrive or buy a beater near base). I felt stuck.

I am fiercely independent and don’t do well feeling stuck.

I had to find a way to come out of the darkness that was beginning to consume me in those first few months of our new duty station. I began going to the local outdoor market. It was my ticket to me and my happiness again. Food makes me happy. Food being sold by those that grew it makes me even happier.

I loved perusing the markets. Smelling, tasting and taking in everything around me. Buying new fruits and veggies to try. As I was seeing the light again and coming out of my darkness I noticed that there weren’t many military families at the market. Believe me we stand out a lot among the local community.

I knew why they weren’t there. Intimidation by a language barrier. Confusion about how to use the local produce or what it even was. And I realized I wanted to bridge that gap so I began holding market tours for the military spouses and their families.

I shared how you could use the Korean produce and cook your favorite American dishes. How it was so much healthier to buy the local grown produce that was only driven a few miles to the market to be sold. As opposed to the stuff at the commissary that was flown in thousands of miles and picked way underripe.

You see…I stumbled upon a home based business idea because I saw something that was needed. And boy was it appreciated. By the local farmers and the military families.


I gave those market tours for free. But word spread quickly about my love for food and nutrition because when I am talking about food I am sharing all of my healthy tidbits. I can’t help it. What could you go on and on about all day?

The people that showed up for those tours ended up buying my health and wellness programs because they’d gotten to know, like and trust me on those tours. And then they told their friends.

You see, I know you’re sitting on talent, knowledge and skills that could absolutely bring in monthly income. Tell me you’re not! You’re no ordinary military spouse. You’re driven and crave more in this lifestyle than what you have right now. 

You don’t need to go back to school and earn another degree, you need to recognize your special talent, something you already do so well, and learn how to turn that into a thriving biz on base. It’s really that easy! What’s the skill or talent you love to do but aren’t getting paid for right now? Because it’s time to change that.


It’s important that you know that you don’t need to do it alone or reinvent the wheel. I have create resources to help you figure out what your profitable biz idea is and then to build it and grow.

When I first started to work from home with kids and we were stationed in South Korea, I had NO CLUE what I was doing. I’d spend hours trying to sort all the details all on my own. 

A LOT has changed since then and now I’ve taken all of my experience over the last few years and broken it down to 5 Clear Steps to help you.

I’ve experienced the ups and downs on top of all of the unique challenges in our lifestyle. As a result I’ve created this FREE Roadmap so that you can be successful WITHOUT all the bumps I had in the beginning.

There are an endless amount of ways to work from home as a military spouse and I want to show you how.


I created this roadmap to help walk you through the steps to starting your own thriving biz on base. You can grab it for free, right here. Click on DOWNLOAD NOW to get your copy!

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