The Importance of Wanting More For Yourself

The Importance of Wanting More For Yourself

You’re a military spouse. You carry the weight of an incredible amount of responsibility on your shoulders. It’s a huge element of this lifestyle and you’ve done this for years. It feels natural. I mean, how the hell could you actually insist on doing something for yourself? Everybody else needs so much done for them. Your spouse is barely around to help and even he doesn’t fully comprehend all that you do every day.

Has it begun to feel natural to deny?

  • Your own needs in order to take care of everyone else in your family?
  • Your calling? The big goals and dreams.
  • Your creativity?
  • What lights you up outside of military life?

There are pieces of you that go unheard, you’ve potentially even learned to tune them out yourself.

You give every ounce of yourself to everyone else. Where do you even start to claim your own dreams and goals back?


It starts with realizing you want more for yourself. More than just finding time for a yoga practice or starting a new journaling habit. Don’t get me wrong, that’s rewarding in many ways. But it goes deeper than that. Those are all lovely things to do and they make you feel great at the moment.

But what about those moments when you hear that pull inside of you that the years are passing you by and you never brought things back around to you? Because you see, time is passing you by.

It’s possible you’ve made your purpose doing all for everyone else. I hate to tell you but that’s leaving you completely drained and even more lonely.

I remember when I was in my 20s, still unsure of what I was going to do career-wise. Still not sure of my purpose. I was writing my resume and I felt I had nothing substantial to put on it. Nothing tangible in terms of technical skills that others would value. Nothing that would get me a job making a great income which I wanted.

I remember thinking I had so much to offer. So much inside of me. But clueless on how to shape that into something for myself. I had no idea how to express to someone the impact I knew I was going to make in the world. So it made me feel small. Unaccomplished. Lost. Frustrated and I always settled for something less than I knew I was worthy of.

I would dream of someone discovering me. Someone seeing all of the potential inside of me and then gifting me an amazing job that flourished into a fabulous career. It was bound to happen, right?

Nope. Never did.

But it turns out many years later I would uncover that I was that person. I discovered myself. I did the work. I launched my own business. I crafted the career I always dreamed of and it’s a perfect fit because I work from my home and can work from anywhere in the world. Wherever the military wants to take us.

And I did it all while I was a military spouse. With young kids. Within the demands of this lifestyle.


Get remote work as a military spouse with Instant TeamsJoining the remote workforce is a natural fit for a military spouse and it’s the future of work. If you’re not ready to start your own business then my absolute favorite resource for military spouse employment is Instant Teams.

Instant Teams was founded by Erica McMannes and Liz Rodewald, two Army spouses, to serve a unique demographic of professionals from across the military-connected community whose lifestyles demand innovation, communication, and flexibility.

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Instant Teams was founded to serve a unique demographic of professionals from across the military-connected community whose lifestyles demand innovation, communication, and flexibility.

They bring the work to you so you can stop scrambling to find it.


It can feel daunting when you begin to follow your own personal goals outside of your daily responsibilities. That’s where reaching out to someone who has been there, gone through it all and streamlined the process for you is invaluable.

I invested in coaches who believed in me and had the skills to pull it out of me.

You see, it’s inside of you. You just need someone that sees it too and believe in you. Someone to pull it out and help you bring it to life. Someone to share the exact steps you need to take to bring your passions to life and how to make it happen in this incredibly unpredictable lifestyle.

I have created a free live training just for you on the 5 Success Habits of a Happy Military Spouse. In this training I’m going to teach you how to prosper beyond the boundaries of military life.

To join this free training you need to register at by clicking this link:

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