The One Simple Habit Which Improved My Health Forever

The One Simple Habit Which Improved My Health Forever

You know that motivation you are feeling right now?

You know that motivation you are feeling right now? The start of a new year, a time of rebirth. Gather that all up and don’t let the weight of life’s responsibility peel those motivation layers away. have put together the 7 Day Energizing Smoothie Challenge. It is amazing how powerful one simple smoothie to your morning can be! Join us. The challenge starts JAN 14th.I have designed this challenge for the woman who wants it all laid out in black and white. The exact recipes. A shopping list. This is a woman who is busy and lacks the time or desire to craft a recipe. You need all the deets.This is also for the woman who wants some creative space. A woman who never follows a recipe to a tee. I have included my never before released 5 Steps to the Perfect Green Smoothie. I know you want some wiggle room. Nobody tells you what to do.Which one are you?Join us! The challenge kicks off JAN 14th.Grab your materials and spot by clicking this link:

Posted by Health on the Homefront on Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Is it possible to make one simple change to your daily habits to improve your health forever?

It’s 2019. OMG it’s 2019.

You know what I don’t love…the phrase…new year, new you. I know we’re talking semantics. And I get it. Women are looking for a way to feel better and what better time than the new year. So how about new year, healthier you? Or new year, renewed you. It’s just that little shift that makes it a bit more positive in my mind.

Less insinuation that you are ready to ditch yourself in favor of a brand new you.

No matter how far off track I may have gotten with my eating over the holidays I never, ever would want to start over with a new me.

Do you know how much I have learned about myself over the last 44 years? A ton. And I am grateful for all of it. Even if it happens to be, I know I don’t want to feel like that again during the holidays. Or *insert your self-improvement thoughts*.

The great news is no matter what you are feeling about yourself and your health there is one simple habit you can do to start your day and make a huge improvement in how you feel, inside and out.

Click here to join the Energizing Smoothie Challenge which runs JAN 14-20. You will receive all the recipes and shopping lists along with inspiration and motivation.

To start one simple addition to your day and shift your overall wellness for the better. Leading you to live a more fulfilling life, begin to clear the fog from your mind, and start to get some energy back into your body.

Not only is it possible but I discovered it. I had no idea what I was about to stumble upon. But I am forever grateful. I have continued this habit for the last 11 years. Any time I have fallen off track with my health and faltered a bit, it’s because I stopping doing this. Much like riding a bike though, as soon as I start back up, everything falls back into place and it has a ripple effect on my health across the board. It’s truly amazing.  And super simple. Now let’s get to it.





Is it possible to make one simple change to your daily habits to improve your health forever? The answer is yes!


Daily Habits to Improve Health Forever


Over ten years ago I was a newly married military spouse.  I wasn’t exactly living a honeymoon first year of marriage, but I was living a typical military spouse first year of marriage. A lot of time apart. Frustrations with fertility issues.  New duty station, new house, no local friends yet.  It is all a recipe for a health plummet.

I began starting my mornings with a green smoothie.  That was it.  It was the only change I made to my day.  Everything else stayed the same.  By the 5th day I began to notice a shift in my body.  I felt lighter.  My head felt more clear.  I noticed my energy was elevating. My mood was beginning to lift.

The scale may or may not have reflected the newfound lightness but it didn’t even matter.  I was beginning to feel better than I remembered feeling in years.  Honestly, I don’t even remember if I weighed myself.  I was having such a monumental physical shift that I don’t have a memory of it.  What I do remember is how much better I felt.  Better than I had felt in a long time.

A small change.  Seems so simple.  Seems too simple to be effective.

The thing is I wasn’t incredibly unhealthy.  I cooked most of my meals but I hadn’t yet discovered the power of over-loading my meals with veggies.

Beginning my day with a green smoothie opened my eyes to the power of what I put into my body. 

Not just, oh yeah veggies are good for you. Eat your veggies. So you eat the occasional salad or serve a 1/2 C portion with your meat-dominated meal.  Instead, I started to unearth the honest to goodness, food from the Earth, power of fruits and vegetables.

I began to explore bulking up my meals by adding more veggies and fruits throughout my day to see if my health continued to improve.  I would cook the same meals I always was, but I started keeping fresh spinach and salad greens on hand.  I would put my roasted veggies and chicken over the greens.  I was incorporating cooked and raw vegetables into my meals.

I was blown away by the way my body reacted to the flood of vitamins and nutrients it was receiving from all the produce I was putting in. The more I bulked up my meals with veggies, the more my arthritis and general inflammation quieted down.  My energy began to skyrocket. My mood became elevated and I felt like the blinds were opening and the sunlight was shining in for the first time in years.


All this time I was searching for answers to feel better through products I purchased to put on the outside, as well as inside my body.  Something to make me feel better than I was feeling.  To look better than I was looking. I was finding out the answer was right in my grocery store produce aisle. Sure is a heck of a lot cheaper than any of the other products or supplements I was buying. And it was honest to goodness food!  Not some compilation of *things* turned into a product to magically improve my health.

It felt so good to know I was taking care of my body, nurturing it with such a simple answer. Fruits and vegetables.

I know many times hearing someones story isn’t quite enough to get the ball rolling.


NOW IT’S YOUR TURN. Perfect your daily habits to improve health forever, and feel great doing it.

FEB 11, 2019 kicks off the next 7 Day Energizing Smoothie Challenge.

Join us and Click here.

Challenge includes:

  • The exact recipes to start feeling amazing from head to toe
  • A complete shopping list
  • Never before released 5 Steps to the Perfect Green Smoothie Roadmap
  • Exclusive Facebook Group with others doing the challenge right along with you
  • Accountability
  • Motivation
  • Peace of mind that you are starting 2019 with a positive movement for your health

Enter your name and email and receive all of the challenge materials right away!

Is it possible to make one simple change to your daily habits to improve your health forever? The answer is yes!
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