You’re Not Broken, Just Bent

You’re Not Broken, Just Bent

I don't just hear music. I feel it deep in my soul in my bones. It brings such a flood of thoughts, emotions, creativity when I'm listening to it. So, I really have gotten into loving my Alexa. You know, I've only gotten on the Alexa train and the last handful of months, and it has been a dance party ever since.

That is my morning motivation.

That is my cleaning motivation.

I used to always listen to podcasts, don't get me wrong, I love me a good business building podcast, but I am loving the music therapy that I forgot.

I used to do this all of the time. When I was a young adult living on my own, I would blast the music. I would dance. I would cry. I would laugh. I would get ready. It was really a way I processed emotions, taking me to my quote today, from potentially my favorite artist of all time, Pink.

You're not broken, just bent.

Pink is no doubt amazing and incredibly inspiring to me. And her quote has got me thinking, how the expression you're not broken, just bent spans across everything in life - business, family, personal development and what have you. It's amazing how at any point in time, you can acknowledge that, recognize it, pivot, shift course and also change things.

But so many times we get this narrative going on in our head - I can't do this or I've never been able to do this. I've never been able to do that. I've been there. I've always wanted to be an artist. There is a part of me that has always had such love and admiration for people that could just sort of see and create with their minds and hands but I thought I couldn't be an artist because I don't have the skills to draw.

There's a lot that my mind sees and processes differently. I've always noticed that I am a bit unique in that way. Many people have complimented how my initial interpretation of things is, and so instead, I got into coloring because I was like, "Oh, excuse me, I love mandalas, so I'm going to color them". I ordered a coloring book. I was looking for a different form of creativity to relax and calm myself and just explore new ideas. I am always game for trying new things, and I loved it. But there was still a little bit of something missing, and I dove into the animal foods on YouTube. If it was not Pinterest, it was Instagram. It was a little bit of everything, jumping from site to site, a rabbit hole down. Then, I discovered dot mandalas and I was like holy shit, I can do dots. Since then, I've created done beautiful things with dots.

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In all of this, I realized that I had been holding this creativity inside of me the whole time, just figuring out the avenue for me to get it out. And I was so stuck in this old narrative that I wasn't an artist, that I couldn't draw, so that meant I can't create. I don't have that ability I would love to have it. I admire those that do, but personally, I'm not able to. And then I realized I'm not broken, just bent, you know, I just needed to shift that narrative, open up my eyes and explore and find a different possibility, which is where the dot Mandela was, the perfect fit for me. And I swear finding my creative fit has opened up so much more creativity. Could you know when you discover something new that wasn't even on your radar weeks, months, hours before? All of a sudden you realize how much of a world there is of dot Mandela's. Or now I've discovered, that tangles, which is like doodling and with patterns and repeats and things that you're not actually drawing necessarily. Like a person, something like that. It's very like abstract doodling Google Venn tangle or hashtags entangle on Instagram and you will see some phenomenal artistry.

And so it just takes me back to we're not broken, just bent and thank you Pink for reiterating that today, as I was scream-singing your song that all it takes is a shift in perspective. So whether that is you trying to get your health back on track and feeling like I always fall prey to stress eating or emotional eating. Or why can't I just do it? It's time to just change that narrative, and realize that you're not broken. There is a way that you've got to figure out, and I can help you with that. You figure out where it is, you need to bend and potentially stop being so darn hard on yourself. And it's not even necessarily that I was hard on myself that I couldn't draw or artistry just disappointed me. And it's sort of shut down an area that I didn't realize that I could explore this whole new world. So it might be exactly like that for your health.

When it comes to business, you know, you may struggle with figuring out what you would want to start. Or maybe you have a passion or hobby already say, photography or teaching yoga but you're struggling with getting the word out there, building a community, getting people to know that you have these services to offer because you don't wanna go work for a studio or as a military spouse, you want to keep your schedule open so that you could be there for your kiddos. I absolutely know that you could make this work on your own as a solo entrepreneur or remote worker taking your kids with you to each duty station.

But you may need to realize that it's time to bend. It's time to shift. It's time to think about it differently. Or open your eyes to the fact that you can do this. I did it. I started my own business in South Korea out of sheer necessity. And now, three years later, I have discovered the fundamental building blocks that you need to get your name out there to get people to know you, to be attracted to you because they are a good fit for you, not just because they are someone but they are somebody that you actually want to help, that you want to provide for, that you want to work for. And it is going to be this cohesive, amazing relationship that will be your client. And then that is the most powerful, most self-fulfilling job career bend that you could ever make. Because let me tell you, I've never been happier in this lifestyle than when I took on building my own business.

What have you been struggling with that makes you feel like you're broken? How have you dealt with it? Share with us in the comment section, it may help someone.  

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